Our Mission

We believe in efficient trading on multiple marketplaces via one log-in.

Our Vision

Online sales of non-food in many countries will cover approximately 40% of total sales by 2025. At least 50% of online sales will take place via marketplaces. By 2025, a limited number of global marketplaces will be dominant and more localized vertical marketplaces will flourish. Consumers product searches will continue to grow, because marketplaces offer the best customer experience. Competition between brands and resellers will become fierce as both aim for the highest position in search results through optimized campaigns and advertising. Sellables’ platform delivers via one log-in the most efficient and easy to use necessary functionalities to sell your products on multiple marketplaces.

Our Team

Menno Kenter
Product manager
Irina Ivanov
Sales manager
Patrick Grotenbreg
Marketing manager
Tessa Groen
Marketplace specialist
Hekmat Nasr
Support specialist
Martijn Schipper